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  • Margaret Pinard

    Margaret Pinard

    Writer, Reader: Intent on tasting all life can offer. Find my novels here: http://amzn.to/1V50wd5

  • Dr. Vanessa Grubbs

    Dr. Vanessa Grubbs

    Dr. Vanessa Grubbs is a nephrologist and author of HUNDREDS OF INTERLACED FINGERS: A Kidney Doctor’s Search for the Perfect Match. Website: thenephrologist.com

  • Shenequa Golding

    Shenequa Golding

    Shenequa is a Gemini which means Shenequa is dope as all get out!

  • Gay Magazine

    Gay Magazine

    A culture magazine

  • Ryan's Blog

    Ryan's Blog

    Name: Ryan J | Blogger and dad | From Northern Ireland, based in Australia | Sharing thoughts as they enter my head. {Insert quote here to sound profound}

  • VH Turner

    VH Turner

    An Ithaca, NY creative.

  • Robyn Sinéad Sheppard

    Robyn Sinéad Sheppard

    A Transwoman who writes about whatever comes to mind on any given day: Memoirs, Haiku, philosophy, and random weirdness.

  • Deborah Curtis

    Deborah Curtis

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